Eastern Garrett County VFRD

"Our Reward Is To Serve"     Garrett County MD     Station 80         Non Emergency Phone (301) 689-8388

The Eastern Garrett County Volunteer Fire and Rescue currently has the followering piecies of apparatus; a 2002 Spartan/ 4Guys Engine (Engine 81), a 2011 Ford F550 Mini Pumper (Engine 83) a 2011 Peterbilt/ 4Guys Tanker (Tanker 86), a 2003 Dodge Utility Pick Up ( Utility 88) and a 1995 Freightliner/ 4Guys Rescue Squad. In addition to these trucks, the department maintains ownership of the retired 1947 Mack Pumper and the 1953 Chevy mini pumper brush vehicle.  Click the links for more info on each piece of apparatus.

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