Eastern Garrett County VFRD

"Our Reward Is To Serve"     Garrett County MD     Station 80         Non Emergency Phone (301) 689-8388

4/13/15- MSG:08:36:53 MVC € 29 INTERSTATE 68 [@MM 29 EB DUE: CO80 CA2015005189

4/11/15- MSG:20:55:35 DIFFICULTY BREATHING 06C01 MCKENZIE RD DUE: CO80 CA2015005113

4/09/15- MSG:08:24:30 CHEST PAIN 10D04 NATIONAL PIKE DUE: CO80 CA2015004969

4/08/15- MSG:20:1:19 FIRE ALARM Δ SOWERS HALL, FSU DUE: E81 CA2015004949

4/07/15- MSG:10:44:28 DIFFICULTY BREATHING 06D02 MCKENZIE RD DUE: CO80 CA2015004845

4/04/15- MSG:16:26:27 MVC INJURIES I-68 NEAR SCALE HOUSE DUE: CO 80 STA53 CA2015004742

4/04/15- MSG:16:6:30 CARDIAC ARREST NATIONAL PIKE DUE:  CO 80STA53 CA2015004739

4/03/15- FRM:garrettcounty911@gc911.org MSG:20:1:25 STRUCTURE FIRE Δ WOOD STREET, FROSTBURG DUE: E81 CA2015004708 4/3/2015 20:01:20

4/03/15- FRM:garrettcounty911@gc911.org MSG:14:38:38 STRUCTURE FIRE Δ NEW GERMANY RD DUE: T86 CA2015004682

4/02/15- FRM:garrettcounty911@gc911.org MSG:17:40:21 FLUE FIRE Δ GRAVEL HILL RD DUE: CO80 CA2015004646

4/02/15- FRM:garrettcounty911@gc911.org MSG:14:36:1 BRUSH FIRE Δ WILHELM LN DUE: CO80 CA2015004635

3/30/15- MSG:11:29:58 FIRE ALARM € WESTMINSTER HALL @ FSU DUE: E81 CA2015004482

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