Eastern Garrett County VFRD

"Our Reward Is To Serve"     Garrett County MD     Station 80         Non Emergency Phone (301) 689-8388

Elected Officers

President - Jim Raley

Vice President – Pete Smith

Treasurer - Dwayne Kitis

Secretary – Mark Medlin

Publicity Manager – Charon Overstreet

Head Trustee –

Trustees –
Justin Clark, Charon Overstreet, Jeremy Whitacre ,Nick Wiland, Pete Smith

Fire Line Officers

Chief – Tim Clark

Deputy Chief- Don Gaumer

1st Assistant – Pete Smith

2nd Assistant – Randy Baker

3rd Assistant - Keith Sturtz

Captain - Justin Clark

1st Lieutenant – Dave Wiland

2nd Lieutenant- Nick Wiland

Sergeant - Jeremy Whitacre

Safety Officer – None

Ems Officer- Charon Overstreet 

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