Fire Safety for Kids

Unfortunately with everything that has been going on we haven't been able to participate in Fire Safety Week. Fire Safety Week is where departments across the United States go to their local School to talk with the children about fire safety and the importance of it. This is something every member looks forward to, we love seeing their eyes light up when we turn on the lights and siren for them. We love teaching them about our equipment and what it does. We love teaching them about fire safety and the importance of things like an exit plan. We love getting dressed up as fast as we can then crawling around the floor so they kids will know what to look for if they're ever in a situation such as house fire. We love every second of it and we would do it more than once a year if we could. Despite how crazy the world has been this year, the importance of fire safety remains. We understand how busy it can be as a parent, in fact most of our members are parents, but we must rely on the parents of each child to teach them what we would have during Fire Safety Week. To help with this here is a link to a fantastic website dedicated to fire education. We encourage each kid, along with their parents, to do the "safety" and "science" tabs to better understand fire behavior and safety. There's also coloring and activities which can be completed for those that are a little younger. Thank you for helping us keep your family safe!








Do you miss your kid coming home and talking a million miles an hour about how the firefighters came to their school and showed them all their cool stuff? Well just because we can't come to you doesn't mean you cant come to us! Feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or even a carrier pigeon (preferably a call or email, it's slightly more efficient) and we will be more than happy to schedule a tour! We only ask that everyone has a mask on and we cant let anyone into the trucks like we normally do. We will make sure there's a member there to show you around and even pull a truck or two out (weather depending) to show them off!

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